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And a Sense of Humor Since 1982 Gravener Heating and A/C Has More Than Just a Good Reputation and Good Service

By: Dan Hammond, Published in Around the Town

WHEN IT COMES TO good reliable service, trust the company that has been doing it for over 35 years. Trust the guys that have earned a strong reputation with a thirty mile radius around the North Hills. Look to Gravener Heating & A/C, a family business that won’t let you down.

Gary Gravener started the company from his home in 1982 His goal was to establish a small reliable customer base and make a modest living for his family. With just one work truck and an office in his home, Gary was able to win over customers with honesty and integrity. The backbone of his business model was simple. High quality service without the eye gauging prices you see from the big name companies. After graduating from North
Hills High School and Beattie Technical School, Gary went to work for a major heating and air conditioning company for four years and was able to gather enough knowledge to the point where he knew he could be successful running his own business Gravener Heating & AC is now in their second generation of service with Gary’s son, Jim.

It didn’t take long for word to spread that Gravener Heating & AC was the honest destination for your heating and cooling needs. Today, Gravener has served over 4,500 residential, commercial and institutional customers, including churches and senior centers. Instead of one work truck, there is now a small fleet of service and installation vehicles. They even have their very own sheet metal shop, machinery and tools for mobile installation and a fully stocked service parts department.

Gravener Heating & AC may have grown but they have not and will not lose the small business customer service that helped them get to this point. Gravener has no plans to jeopardize their reputation by taking on huge volumes of work. Instead, they want to continue to service customers like you, your family, friends and neighbors. Their referral business will always be what makes them proud to serve Western Pennsylvania.

So how can Gravener Heating & AC help you? Here are services they install, repair and specialize in: Furnaces, boilers (steam and hot water), AC, Geothermal heating and cooling, duct fabrication, air cleaners (HEPA), humidifiers and refrigerant recycling. The crew at Gravener is always here to help when it comes to heating and cooling. Don’t hurt your wallet by saddling up with someone who just wants your money. Take your business to the guys who want to do it right. Don’t be left stranded when your heating and cooling system goes down. Call the company who will be there for you every time! Many questions will arise when it comes to heating and cooling, so don’t hesitate to ask for more clarity. Gravener Heating & AC hasn’t been able to thrive in this business this long without the help of their wonderful customers. The Gravener family looks forward to meeting, serving and helping you out with your next heating or cooling need.

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